Sonovate is excited to announce we’ve updated the timesheet app for contractors and timesheet authorisers.


*Jam packed full of features*

– Speed up your working week. Clone timesheets based on your daily working pattern – repeat your week at the click of a button.

– Simple expense process. Just take a snapshot of each receipt and upload them within the app. No need to scan. Just snap and send!

– No more delays. Made a typo? The app is smart enough to notify you of any mistakes. It’s the end of timesheet delays!

– Login faster. LinkedIn and Google enabled social sign in means one less password to remember.

Download the quickest way to submit and approve timesheets today.


The app is a mobile version of our online timesheets portal, enabling timesheets to be submitted from anywhere, at any time.

Contractors can access the app across mobile and tablet devices. It’s free to download in the App store and on Google Play, from today.

The story behind it

Combined with the finance aspect of our invoice factoring package, Sonovate provides total back-office support to businesses. This is so less time is spent on the admin that comes with running a business, enabling business owners to focus on what matters most – be it revenue, growth or anything else.

Tim Edwards, Head of Product at Sonovate, explains why we’ve decided to build this app:

‘Over the years, we’ve noticed placements and working styles vary from contractor to contractor, and across industries, but one thing has remained the same. This is the importance of businesses and their contractors getting paid on time.

So, we decided to design an app packed with features to make the submission of timesheets a quick and easy task. With Sonovate’s online timesheets in their pocket, contractors no longer need to wait until they’re home to log their work, they can now do this from literally anywhere.

As with all aspects of our offering, Sonovate’s customers are at the heart of this new innovation. This app aims to boost the efficiency of businesses by eliminating chasing timesheets from their weekly routine.”

The app

Mobile app timesheet sign inCalendar schedule timesheet app mobiletimesheet app overviewExpenses timesheet app mobileTimesheet app status overview mobile mockup


The proof

Timesheet app testimonial


Key features:

  • Timesheets can be submitted on-the-go using mobile or tablet devices
  • Expenses can simply be uploaded by taking a picture of a receipt in the app and send it off with timesheets
  • In-app notifications keep contractors in the know about the status of their timesheets. Whilst on-the-go.