For over a decade LinkedIn has sat unchallenged as the social platform of choice for connecting recruiters and professionals.

A makeover to their user interface, a reduction in free functionality and the rejigging of what’s included in paid packages has stirred appetite for an alternative.

Enter Google stage right

The heavyweight tech giant that holds the keys to your search history, has quietly stepped into the mix with plans to launch its own platform for job searching.

Still in its beta version, Google Hire will arrive with a potential candidate base to surpass LinkedIn’s 467m users.

LinkedIn may boast two new users a second but this pales in comparison to the 2.3million searches that are pushed through Google every second.

The site will allow users to post openings, accept applications and process them directly through the platform. Yes, this has been done before, but not with the potential Google bring with them.

Google may have dispelled concerns that recruiters will have unfettered access to the entire search history of applicants.

However, there’s still a lack of clarity over several aspects of Google Hire including what candidates and businesses can volunteer willingly to improve their job search.

Further points to consider:

  • Most businesses and candidates are already part of the Google ecosystem
  • What does Google synchronise with and how will this provide an advantage?
  • The platform is accessible through Gmail
  • It provides another avenue to talent for recruiters
  • It may encourage LinkedIn to become more competitive for its users
  • Google is the most powerful search engine with 1.17bn unique users a month

Google may however have their work cut out entering a space where the established competition boast names like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

Whether we’re looking at another major player, or another “Google Plus” in the making, it only spells opportunity and improved levels of service for recruiters and candidates.

Facebook appears stage left

As LinkedIn’s homepage fills with memes and naming “countries beginning with A”, Facebook has also made forceful inroads into the world of recruitment.

With 1.18bn daily users and far higher engagement, the more social and cheaper platform can’t just be discounted.

Earlier this month Facebook granted its US and Canadian users the ability to advertise jobs on their company page, track their applicants, and directly message, all from within Facebook.

Applicants will also benefit from removing the hours trawling job boards and simply encounter their dream position in their usual news feed.

With intentions to roll this out in the UK, this could see another major player competing in the professional marketspace.

Recruitment will always be about people and building your personal network, but technology will help bring this together a whole lot faster.

With three of the world’s biggest tech companies now focusing their interests on recruitment, the outcome can only spell opportunity for recruiters.