Between verbal acceptance and start date it is important you are doing everything in your power to ensure your placement happens. Not only have you put a lot of time into the process, but your client and candidate long term relationship is on the line.

Remember prevention is cure, here are 5 things you can do to minimise the possibility of a drop out.

Signed, sealed, delivered
Has the candidate signed and returned all paperwork. If not, why not?

Not signing and returning a contract and or acceptance letter in a timely manner is a good indication that the candidate is not 100% committed.

Face to a name
Have you met them face to face? It’s much easier to test commitment when you meet with somebody in person. You can read their body language, re qualify their motivations for accepting the job and generally get a much more detailed understanding than over the phone.

Gone quiet?
Are your calls and emails being ignored? Put yourself in their position for a second. If you really wanted the job, you’d make sure the call was returned.

The Counter Offer
Don’t forget counter offers in the current climate are exceptional. Good people are rarely available so a client will put up a fight to keep them. Don’t shy away from it, have the conversation and make sure this isn’t a potential threat to your placement.

Other opportunities
The chances are that your opportunity is not the only one the candidate is being considered for. Double check a late offer isn’t about to present itself. It could be more attractive than yours and cause problems.