“If you ain’t first, you’re last”. In the fast-paced world of contract recruitment, where timeframes are shorter and requirements need to be filled there-and-then, being second is not an option.

To take your business/desk to the next level, we’ve gained some top tips from Sonovate’s contract recruitment experts, and trust us, they know. Happy Hunting.


Swear by these five key rules of engagement

  1. Be proactive: predict your client’s future needs to pitch contractors before they advertise the position, placing you ahead of your competition.
  2. Be in constant contact with your clients and candidates. Don’t forget to update your database after each and every conversation, no matter how insignificant it may seem.
  3. Create a candidate availability calendar to make sure you know who’s available and when.
  4. Pitch contractors whose contract is coming to an end to new clients.
  5. Get some feedback from both your candidate and your client after having placed a contractor to make sure every single placement you make is tailored to both parties’ needs and requirements.


Top tips to build an unbeatable contractor network

  • Be efficient and organised – make sure you speak to contractors when available.
  • Sourcing and advertising effectively – LinkedIn alerts, CV.
  • Create a contractor availability calendar.
  • Get your references signed and sealed.
  • Keep your clients updated (availability calendar).
  • Always have a back-up contractor


Do this today – talk to referees

  • Speak to prospective clients about contractors they worked with. Don’t use the call to sell your service, that’s not the objective. The objective is to find out:

a) what the referee thought of the contractor’s work.

b) to recommend other contractors they rate.

  • Make contact with rated contractors and request their CV.
  • You can then repeat the process.
  • By doing this, you are building a network of contractors AND are familiarising your name with potential clients in a non-sales way.


Bulletproof your finance

We get it. You know that when you come to sell your company, agency’s book value is increased by every contract placement you make. However, make sure your short-term focus is on maintaining the best possible cash flow position.

Here’s where Sonovate can help. We’ve re-engineered the process for recruitment owners to receive 100% profit AND all of the back-office work performed for them. With a pay-as-you-go model, Sonovate is quick to try and easy to use…


Never give your competitors a chance

Setting-up the right strategy to predict your client’s future hiring needs will be the difference between making one-off placements and securing a long-term client.


Know your client’s business in details

Do you know:

  • Who are the heads of departments?
  • What products/services do they sell?
  • Where are their products/services offered?
  • What is their tech-stack?
  • The interdepartmental relationships:
    – Who is the decision maker?
    – Who do they report to?
    – Who makes decisions if they are unavailable?


Gather information related to future projects/objectives/desired expansion

  • Use social media, blog, website, previous conversations.
  • Talk to your colleagues, they might have information you wouldn’t expect. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.


Draft an organogram

Turn the company’s plans into predictions in terms of new hires.

Don’t wait for a company to tell you if or when they need someone.

Be proactive so you can be in a more informed position to provide talent options.