Saying no to a client is something as recruiters we all struggle to do sometimes, you get the client that calls in and asks for a candidate outside your industry, or for a low margin and we automatically say yes, after all it is business and all business is good right?

Recruitment consultants need to really believe the value they bring to organisations and candidates through what they do and the need to reinforce this in some cases by saying no.

One of the red flags that comes up from clients is why do they need a recruitment consultant when they can recruit themselves and save the cost? The simple answer is the consultant’s experience in both recruitment and the industry they operate in that enables them to source top talent and match to the client’s needs. A consultant needs to believe this to demonstrate to a client the true value of using a recruitment consultant.

For any customer we need to understand the value of the customer – this can be done through a simple measure, the Customer Value Index (CVI).

Consultants need to also think of the long term ROI from any client that they do business with and what other additional benefits that may come from working with that client, for example:

  • It’s a great brand / company to be associated with that will be a great case study and attract new business
  • It’s a trial placement with further potential placements in the pipeline

For any client who doesn’t have a high CVI score or come with any additional benefits consultants need to be strong enough to say no because it will be unprofitable and can potential damage their brand and their values.


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