Forget POETS day, the entire week before Christmas used to be known as the non-working week where people almost entirely switched off. Instead, filling their nine-to-five with long lunches, online shopping and the fallout from the office party. Bear in mind that there’s no better time to draw a line in the sand over life decisions, or to catch a good-tempered gatekeeper than the end of the year. We’ve taken a look at how you can use December to increase productivity and do more deals at your recruitment agency.

Your competition has switched off for December

As the market dies down in anticipation of the Christmas knees up, recruiters can capitalise on the slack that’s left behind. Decision makers are easier to reach with less noise in the market and job adverts get more traction as the boards become less saturated.

With the constant noise and shifts in global politics, agencies need to be reactive to business investments, relocations, and changes that won’t pause for Christmas.

Not everybody is celebrating…

By the 25th the Dutch are already three weeks past celebrating Christmas and are busy dealing with the controversy of Black Pete. A large section of Eastern Europeans wait until early January and for those from different religions, business can be very much as usual.

Business does not run to one deadline. So, although the stereotype of UK businesses is to mentally switch off midway through December, there are still an abundance of companies still working, which presents a lot of opportunity in the final month of the year.

If you already have a global footprint, focus you energy on working with existing and new international clients during December. If you’re yet to branch out, December is a great time to introduce your agency to potential clients in other parts of the world.

Use December, and Christmas, as a deadline

As the year draws to a close, it can become seemingly more difficult to close deals, which is why December can act as a clear cut-off date to work towards. It’s a good time to review the slow-burning deals, the tip-toeing candidates and the window shopping clients, to see if your time could be better spent on deals that are going to materialise.

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Take advantage of the festive feeling

Christmas is a great time to reach out to both current and potential clients and use the festive season to scope out new work opportunities. Whilst everyone else, your competition included, is, more than likely winding down, less calls are being placed. So December presents the perfect time to try and pin down the eternally busy decision maker.

Build January’s pipeline

January normally sees an influx of back-to-work candidates that are looking for a change. They make their availability known and every recruiter scrambles to get in touch, which wastes both your time and theirs.

The reality is that the majority that begin the process of moving already know they want to move, but are simply holding fire for the new year.

Revisit your network and give a festive call to find these people and gift yourself a massive head start.

So, even though December is traditionally considered a time to slow things down at work, use this stereotype as an opportunity to increase productivity, expand your client and candidate base and do more deals.

This article was originally published on Nov 23, 2017 and updated September 30, 2021