Take the time to equip your staff with the necessary arsenal to develop or you’ll be watching them move to pastures new.

We put together five bits of advice for mentoring your team.

Understand what makes them tick

Above all else you need to know your staff. Getting to the crux of their needs will determine what their motivations are, what drives them, and if your opportunity meets those needs?

You need to consider if they fit with what you’re trying to build, as there’s no advantage to investing in someone that’s not in-keeping with your vision.

Understand the golden thread

The golden thread is the mission plan of your company unravelling in front of you. Make sure that your employee understands the significance of the company’s direction and how they will align with that journey.

Personal development plan

Having a clearly drawn out personal growth plan with quantifiable targets and benchmarks is going to provide structure to build results.

Teaching method

You might have the experience and knowledge to share but if you can’t find a way to communicate it effectively, then it’s next to useless. Some people learn best in a one-to-one relaxed environment where others flourish in a group.

You need to play around with and discover the best way for them to digest your teaching.

Regular reviews

On top of setting targets and KPIs, make sure you’re proactively engaged with your staff. This means on a personal and approachable level, so that  they feel they can communicate with you.

‘You can’t go wrong with a coffee and catch-up.’