Ready to go in January
Putting the groundwork in now means that you could be ready to hit the ground running in January 2013. Getting everything sorted before the start of the New Year will put you on a level playing field with you competitors and mean you don’t miss out on potential deals.

Green shoots of recovery
Figures released last month showed that the UK had emerged from a double dip recession and that the economy grew by 1% in the third quarter of 2012. Following on from a 0.4% decline in the 2nd quarter, this increase is a welcome boost for all and is seen by some as being the beginning of a stronger UK economy.

Increase in vacancies
A recent Employment Trends Survey found that over one third British businesses expect to increase employee numbers in the coming months. The IT sector is expected to be the driving force behind this growth with nearly 50% of those surveyed expecting to have a larger workforce this time next year. Coupled with this, October saw a 4% increase in the number of vacancies registered compared to September suggesting that employer confidence is increasing.

Be your own boss
Sick of unrealistic KPIs or fed up of your manager giving you a hard time? Starting your own business means you’ll only have to answer to yourself. You decide the KPIs, rates, terms, working hours, markets etc. Being your own boss gives the freedom to do things your own way and implement your own plans and ideas.

It’s easier than ever
Setting up your business is now easier than ever. There a wide range of tools that will help you plan, run and administer your business. From online accounting through to Internet phone calls, the tools you need to set up are only a Google search away.

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