Unfortunately there is no magic formula for what makes a start up company successful, however there are a number of characteristics Recruiters have that make them ideal candidates for starting their own business.

When starting up there will be a whole host of things that need your attention. As a business owner, you must learn how to structure these tasks so that they get completed within the necessary timeframe.  Fortunately most recruiters have developed the discipline required to manage multiple tasks at one time and keep on top of everything.

The majority of recruiters are driven to succeed.  If they aren’t they tend not last very long.  As a start up owner this drive will make sure you get out of bed in the morning, make sure you know what you are doing and most importantly make sure you’re ready for any challenges along the way.

How many unconfident recruitment consultants do you know?  Not many. Confidence is an extremely powerful attribute and can lead to opportunities that others will miss out on.  Start up owners need a good deal of confidence but must be careful not to seem arrogant.

Resilience is a characteristic recruiters tend to have in abundance.  Many will start their careers cold calling so quickly learn to bounce back and get on with it.

If you start your own business, the chances are you’ll be on you own for a short time at the beginning.  Your ability to think and act without the input of others will allow you to quickly grow.

Ability to sell
Recruiters whether average or very good have a consistent skill that is very important for new business – The ability to sell and bring in money! Many others can have great ideas or products but no individual skill to sell them.