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Sonovate have massively exceeded our expectations

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Feeling restricted by the tech offered by their financier, Harrington Starr moved to Sonovate in 2015.

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Toby Babb

Founder & CEO,Harrington Starr


IT, Finance



Harrington Starr launched in 2010, starting life as a perm focused agency. Jump forward to 2013 and they’d joined the contractor market, having seen the potential for growth.

Toby Babb, Director of Harrington Starr, came to the conclusion that the tech their financier was providing wasn’t sufficient for their fast growing business. So, in 2014, they began to look for a partner who not only understood the world of contract recruitment, but could also provide back office tech that would simplify the process.

To gain a competitive advantage we have always chosen and looked to work with the very best suppliers and most innovative technology available, which Sonovate specialise in.

Harrington Starr work closely with a lot of fintech businesses and so wanted a financier that understood the ins and outs of the industry. The team at Sonovate were completely clued up about recruitment and fintech, and so were able to provide the support Harrington Starr needed to succeed. Unrestricted finance meant that they weren’t held back by concentration limits, all turnover agreements and a long term contract. And the award winning back office that Sonovate offered took over the paperwork and freed up their valuable time.

Having been in the industry and truly understanding the pain points involved, Sonovate have massively exceeded our expectations and we are excited to see them build a genuinely world class business.

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Only pay for what you need

No subscription fees. No annual contracts. Sonovate takes a small cut depending how much you use it, so the service can scale easily with you.

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