Choosing the right invoice factoring provider

At Sonovate, we remain committed to our customers in recruitment, consultancies and labour markets, despite the current economic pressure. Unlike other providers, we continue to invest in our technology and financial capabilities in order to keep supporting you.

Your recruitment or consultancy business needs the right invoice factoring partner to help you access cashflow and grow your business. If you are using a funding provider, it is worth reviewing your arrangements regularly to make sure they give you the facilities you need to keep competing and growing.

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When to consider switching

To make sure you have the best service in place, there are a few questions to ask:

  • Do you need more funding or greater flexibility?
  • Are concentration limits holding you back?
  • Do you need better export financing options?
  • Would you like simpler, more transparent pricing?
  • Are you tied down by complex covenants?
  • Do you feel technology is holding you back?

Answer YES to any of the above? Sounds like you could benefit from switching to Sonovate.

We advance up to 100% of invoice value, we don’t believe in tying people in to long-term contracts and our fee structure is transparent and simple.

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Join over 3000 recruitment businesses using Sonovate as their invoice finance provider

In a fast-moving industry such as recruitment, you need to be flexible to make the most of opportunities. Sonovate can help you become more agile with up to 100% invoice funding, simple pricing and user-friendly technology. At Sonovate, we are recruitment specialists. Our founders each have a background in recruitment so we understand the obstacles caused by delays in cashflow, especially in a period of growth or when you need to scale up your contractor book rapidly.