Interview questions are critical for distinguishing stellar candidates from others in the pool. From gauging skills and behavioural tendencies to delving into complex scenarios to test reasoning abilities, candidates must be well-versed in several aspects:

  • Understanding the company’s ethos
  • Familiarity with their own CV
  • Preparedness for common questions like “Why this role?”

As a recruiter, it’s paramount to equip candidates for interviews. The recruiter-client relationship parallels that of teachers guiding students for exams—they can anticipate what’s on the paper but not the exact questions.When prepping candidates, ensure they have comprehensive insights into the company. Tailor advice to each individual, avoiding robotic scripts that may deter engagement.

To bolster your candidates’ readiness and secure their dream job, here are 29 interview questions they should confidently tackle:

Career Interview Questions:

1. What’s been your most significant career challenge?
2. Highlight your most significant career achievement.
3. What’s motivating your search for a new position?
4. Share a professional setback, what you learned, and its aftermath.
5. Describe how you navigated a workplace conflict or challenge.
6. Where do you envision your career in five years?
7. If considering a career change, what factors would influence your decision?

Personal Interview Questions:

8. Describe your preferred management style.
9. Are you open to working extended hours or weekends?
10. Why should we not hire you?
11. How do you ensure goal attainment?
12. Outline your approach to task prioritisation.
13. Share an instance of handling an underperforming team member.
14. Discuss your strengths and weaknesses.
15. How has your role evolved over time?
16. How would your colleagues describe you?
17. What drives you professionally?
18. Do you thrive more individually or within a team setting?
19. Summarise yourself in three words.
20. How do you handle pressure?
21. How do you stay abreast of industry trends?
22. What methods do you employ to assess work quality?

Role Interview Questions:

23. What attracts you to our company and role?
24. Walk me through your background and relate it to the applied position.
25. How soon can we expect results from hiring you?
26. Anticipate the initial months in the role.
27. How would you explain this role to a stranger casually?Company Interview Questions:
28. Highlight what you appreciate and dislike about your current company.
29. Offer suggestions for areas our company could enhance.

Well-prepared candidates provide insightful, honest, and thorough responses, enhancing their likelihood of success. Equip candidates adeptly to ensure they excel and minimise any potential missteps.