While the media continues to flood out doom and gloom stories about the negative state of the economy, recent data from CV-Library has found that more job hunters are actively looking for work than this time last year, with CV registrations on the site increasing by 17.9% in January 2019.

What’s more, despite many candidates feeling nervous about moving jobs when there’s so much uncertainty around Brexit, the good news is that certain industries are performing particularly well, seeing more applications and candidate registrations than the same period last year.

So if you’re looking to grow your workforce and employee the very best professionals, here’s five of the best industries for hiring right now.


Tech was one of the few industries to see an increase in applications last month, with figures rising by 11.7% year-on-year. At the same time, demand for IT workers is rising, with the number of advertised tech jobs increasing by 15.5% in January.

A huge driving factor in this could be the fact that the number of new technology companies launching in the UK rose by 60% last year. At the same time, with new trends constantly emerging in the sector, professionals want to work for organisations that can help them to build on their skillsets.

If you’re hiring in the tech sector right now, it’s worth noting that talent acquisition from European countries is slowly drying out, putting some pressure on recruiters to source talent in other areas.

That said, London remains at the heart of the European tech sector, though it’s no secret that competition from other European cities is heating up.



Applications for construction roles rose by 3.1% last month, suggesting that more people are looking for work in the industry than this time last year. This is positive news given that reports suggest the UK construction sector suffered a slowdown in activity at the end of 2018.

Alongside this, the industry has been given £18m in funding to help ‘transform’ the sector, making it particularly attractive to candidates looking for work. At the same time, advertised jobs have risen by 5.1%, with many employers seeking to fill roles previously taken by EU talent.

With more investment into boosting the construction industry and more professionals seemingly interested in exploring new opportunities, now is a good time to move forward with hiring in this exciting sector.



According to our data, the number of designers registering their CVs online in January rose by 7.1%, suggesting that a higher number of creative professionals are open to exploring new opportunities.

What’s more, many workers across the industry are opting to work freelance, in a bid to achieve a better work-life balance, gain more experience and in many cases, earn more money. As such, we’re seeing a lot more movement across the job market.

And, with advertised design jobs jumping up by 15.9% last month, it’s clear that employers are feeling confident in their hiring efforts.



The amount of people looking for work in marketing increased by 27.8% in January, which is great news for employers within the industry. Especially considering that UK organisations are under a lot of pressure to target passive candidates.

What’s more, we’ve seen a massive rise in digital marketing professionals preparing for their job search, with CV registrations to the site jumping by a massive 42.1%.

This is positive news for organisations that are looking to boost their marketing efforts and reach their target audiences in new ways.



The engineering sector is heavily reliant on a large number of skills to complete certain projects. The good news is that our data found that 23.4% more engineering professionals were looking for work last month, compared to the previous year.

According to the Royal Academy of Engineering, the industry needs nearly 200,000 new engineers and engineering technicians a year until 2022 and this figure is heavily reliant on EU workers too.

For now, organisations across the industry should make the most of the active talent and continue to promote the benefits of working in this exciting sector.


Are you hiring right now?

While there continues to be a lot of uncertainty across the UK job market, it’s clear from our data that many professionals are still keen to explore new opportunities and find a job that meets their needs.

If you’re looking to grow your workforce, these are some of the best industries to find candidates right now – good luck!


About the author

This guest blog was written and provided by Augusta Henning of CV-Library.

Augusta is PR Manager for CV-Library and has been writing about career-related topics for over six years. She has a passion for communication and enjoys creating all sorts of content for her employer.