“Focus on doing what you do best and outsource all the rest”

In the case of recruiters this means stepping away from the cumbersome burden of timesheets, invoices and payrolls, to focus on manning the phones, meeting clients and securing deals.

It’s cost effective

Underlying most decisions made in business is how much it all costs and whether the price is reflected in the outcome.

In an agency’s infancy the odd couple of hours a day dedicated to admin can suffice, and can usually be carried out by the director or recruiter, without it interfering in their ability to secure additional business. However, as an agency grows, so does the pressure piled on from admin and the need for dedicated staff to manage it.

When the time it takes to do admin may not warrant a full-time position, it can be a superfluous cost to take on additional staff. By outsourcing, agencies can avoid the costs of holiday pay, sick pay, paternity/maternity leave, national insurance and pension contributions, in addition to the cost of having a full-time worker onboard – they can also save on the added office space that might be needed to accommodate an in-house member.

More time for more profit

Outsourcing the administrative duties of running an agency, frees-up more hours in the working day to focus on worthwhile recruitment ventures that are going to directly profit the agency.

Manning the phones, meeting clients and team-building all get sidetracked or shelved from the overbearing presence of admin duties.

More efficient

By outsourcing all agency admin to a professional that is dedicated solely to the running of its back-office, the fluid mechanics of the business are guaranteed.

Modern outsourcing often involves the latest technological tools to facilitate running agencies and makes it simpler than ever before to oversee production.

Peace of mind

The cumalitive affect of credit checking each client, drawing up candidate timesheets, invoicing the respective parties, chasing up the payments and then ensuring everyone is paid on time, can be a taxing endeavour, even for the most sanguine of recruiters.

Which is why outsourcing the whole journey to someone that can guarantee the fluid process behind the scenes, will relieve an enormous weight from an agencies shoulders.

No more timesheets, invoicing, credit checking or contract payroll – Sonovate handles all your contract admin so recruiters spend less time on admin and more time on deals.