Funding for large – enterprise recruitment businesses

Where funding knows no limits

In the dynamic landscape of enterprise recruitment, we understand the pivotal role that strategic decisions play in steering your business towards success. We understand the complexities that come with running a successful agency, which is why exist – to provide funding without limits:
  • No concentration limits
  • No restrictive limits
  • Funding of RPOs and permanent placements
  • 100% pre-payment
  • Global funding in multiple currencies

And much more…

Thousands of businesses choose Sonovate as their funder

3300+ recruitment agencies use Sonovate as their funder

£240m securitisation by BNP Paribas

£5bn+ invoices funded

Flexible funding solutions

The advantages of Sonovate vs other lenders

Up to 100% advance funding

Why settle for less when you can have it all? With up to 100% funding limits, we put the control back in your hands. Scale up or down as needed, ensuring that your financial strategy aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.

95% bad debt protection

Don’t worry about taking on client risks. Our funding solutions come with an added layer of assurance — 95% Bad Debt Protection as standard to give you peace of mind.

Expand internationally

Our financing prowess extends across more than 44 countries. Wherever your ambitions take you, we’re there to support you. Say goodbye to geographical constraints and hello to a truly global business landscape.

Market leading technology

Our secure, cloud-based platform saves you time and gets you funded quickly.

Why Sonovate?

Tailored to your industry

At Sonovate, we understand the unique dynamics of the recruitment sector. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, our platform is specifically crafted to meet the funding needs of recruitment businesses. Say goodbye to generic approaches and experience a financing solution that aligns with your industry intricacies.

Why Sonovate?

No concentration limits

Worried about hitting a financial ceiling? With Sonovate, you can scale your business without constraints. We believe in your growth potential and don’t impose concentration limits, giving you the freedom to expand your operations and take on more clients without hindrance.

Why Sonovate?

100% pre-payment limit

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any recruitment agency. With Sonovate, we offer a 100% pre-payment limit, providing you with immediate access to the funds you need to fuel your business operations. Say goodbye to cash flow bottlenecks and hello to seamless financial management.

Why Sonovate?

Versatility in funding RPOs & Permanent placements  

Whether you specialise in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPOs) or focus on permanent placements, Sonovate has you covered. Our funding solutions are tailored to meet the diverse demands of large-scale recruitment operations. 

How it works?

1. Discovery call

We will show you our product, but also take the time to get to know you, your business and your requirements. Our specialised teams will handle underwriting approvals, leading to a tailored proposal just for you.

2. We’ll take care of the switch

If you wish to proceed with Sonovate and you have a current funder in place, we’ll establish a timeframe to provide notice to your current provider, remove prior debentures and guarantees and transfer of the debt to us.

3. Access the platform and receive funds

Our onboarding team will provide you with all the information you need to take advantage of the Sonovate funding platform – get access, upload timesheets, receive funds!

What our clients say

At Coople we never settle for anything average. Compared to the other lenders we profiled, Sonovate are just better across the board.

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Antoine Debroye - Coople

We work with people around the world, it’s great to be able to pay them rapidly.

Max Ryerson - Stratforce

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