Tech-Powered, Automated Invoice Funding

Sonovate integrates seamlessly with leading accountancy package Xero to ensure your funded invoices, credit notes and payments are accurately recorded in your accounting software.
Stay informed about your invoice funding status, keep your accounting reconciled and free up your time to focus on growing your business.

What is Sonovate?

Sonovate is the leading provider of embedded finance and payment solutions for the contingent and permanent workforce. We fund up to 100% of invoices for recruitment agencies, consultancies and labour marketplaces. No concentration limits and no personal guarantee required.

£4bn+ in invoices funded to date! We are the UK’s leading invoice financing provider for recruitment businesses, consultancies and online freelancer platforms


What is Xero?

Xero is a global leader in cloud accounting software. It helps you to manage cash flow and access customisable real-time analysis and predictions to help you manage your business.

What does the Sonovate <> Xero integration do?
To simplify your funding journey, we can automatically keep clients, invoices and credit notes in the Sonovate system in sync with your Xero organisation. Connect the two platforms instantly and any new invoices or edits to existing invoices will be pulled through to Sonovate to make sure we have the most accurate data possible to help you understand your invoice funding position, availability and liabilities at all times. Create and view reports easily. Stay up to date on payments and aged debt.
If you’d like to push statement data back into Xero to help with your reconciliation, we can help you configure that too.

How to set up the Sonovate <> Xero integration

  1. In the Sonovate system, click the link to connect your accountancy software and choose the Xero organisation you’d like to sync with Sonovate.
  2. Once the integration is switched on we’ll sync automatically every hour, or you can kick off a sync yourself by pressing the button in the Sonovate portal.
  3. Once connected you can disconnect at any time through the Sonovate portal or in the apps section of Xero.

What clients say about Sonovate

colour headshot of George Richings (Director at GiBe Finance)

George Richings

GiBe Finance

The power was doing a demo of Sonovate’s platform – it really sold it for me.

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Introducing the new, slicker Sonovate platform. A flexible SaaS funding solution to help you grow your business domestically and internationally.

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